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It's been 29 weeks!! [07|22|07]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Omg it's been so long since I've updated that I don't even recognize this page! It's changed so much! Wow.

Basically, the reason I haven't updated is the fact that, still I feel there is nothing interesting to talk about. I'm sure I do have something. It's just finding the energy to get here and type it all up that makes it so hard! I'll try to break it down into 4 categories. Work, Friends, Family and Personal.

Work: is great. We've been back to 4 day work weeks for a while but the 5 day work weeks are fast approaching. *womp womp* I'm entering about 10 different peices I've designed into a PR competition this fall. The same one I went to last fall that fell on my birthday. It is again on my bday so I'll be on my way home for Cincinnati, Ohio. Oh well, better than sitting in the office! :)

Friends: I love you. Jeffrey and Kristie are married now. I can't believe it. *Squee* I'm so happy Kristie is down here for good now. I missed her like crazy when she was in Worth! But their wedding was the best time I've had in years. I had just *little* bit too much drinky drink. ;) Kept telling Caleb's mom not to tell my mom I was drunk. Danced with some of my friend's folks and some of my high school teachers, and some other people I probably would never have even asked to dance sober...ya. It's truely is a social lubricant. Couldn't stop smiling for, like, over a week. I should have some photos on my myspace soon.

Caleb, Kristie, Jeffrey and I are going camping (circumstances pending) in August with another couple. It's gonna be legendary! Canoeing, hiking, fishing. "Pass the dirty ketchup, this is living!" Can't wait!!!

I got to see Shawna Friday night for the first time in a while! Wow, I miss her so much! I know I say that everytime but, it's crazy. Why is it that I don't see her more? I'm just a terrible person when it comes to any kind of long distance relationships, I guess. It's just hard to go from BEST friends who see each other constantly to spiratically seeing her every 4 to 6 months...

Nicole is engaged. But I honestly don't know if I even consider myself a friend or more like an aquaintance of hers. I've tried to keep in touch with emails, myspace, and texts, etc. but never hear back from her. I'm doubting I even get an invite to her wedding. I will most likely not be able to go anyway due to conflicting plans since I have over 7 weddings to work around this fall!!

Personal: Still single. Why am I only attracted to the unavailable/unattainable? Tell me this. I'm so lame. That's all I'm gonna say.

Family: My sister's wedding is less than 110 days, I believe. I've totally dropped the ball on writing my speech. I had no problems writing me speech to Shawna. I guess, it was easy b/c she's my best friend and I've always known what I wanted to say. Buy this is my sister. It's a lot harder than I ever imagined. I can't put it into words...even if I want to kill her sometimes, I still love her.
Anyway, I'm going shopping with the other bridesmaids in a couple of weeks to get ready for her shower and her bachelorette parties!! We're going to St. Louis and partying it up in October for her bachelorette party! Also, legendary. I seriously can't wait!!!!

Anyway, all is well in Megan-ville. I miss you all and need to read your lj and check out your myspaces!! I finally found the time and energy to update. I hope to hear from you all soon! Kisses!!

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Ok, so I just finished posting a huge DOOL rant previous to this post for friends only...dunno why, just did...anyway, here I am on NYE doing nothing. I hope everyone is out celebrating and having a great time. It kind of stinks b/c everyone has their own thing with friends or significant others and every year, I'm at home alone. In fact, I feel rather pathetic. Okay, let's leave bitter barn and play in the hay.

Christmas was pretty this year. Who wants to play who got the weirdest gift? Well, I hope you're ready to lose my father thought that since I like pickles so much he would get me a gallon jar of whole dill pickles! While it was thoughtful, I guess, I couldn't help but think, wow this is by far, the oddest gift I've ever gotten. lol

I met a co worker at the winery the other day. It was nice to see her. I can't believe that my xmas break is almost over already. I shouldn't be complaining b/c most people don't get a xmas break. I'm a lucky person to have a job that gives me a week and a half off for the holiday season. But I can tell you now, I'm still not ready to go back. I'm loving just resting and sleeping in.

Went to Alton with Jeffie and Kristie (Michael couldn't get out of work...LOSER) to see Cabe's place. We made a day out of it and shopped, ate out at the Spaghetti Factory, went to the boat and gambled away my money lol it was a lot of fun!

I'm starting the Biggest Loser with my sis, her fiancee (sp?), a co-worker of her's and her husband on January 4. I'm really hoping that I will do well. I think I will be more successful than in the past b/c I have FREE access to the college gym since I am an employee and my co-workers are all very health and fitness conscious and with Sara and her fiancee on the diet too I have double to support system at home and at work.

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough for now. Happy New Year Everyone!!
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It's been a long time... [12|10|06]
Omg, I cannot believe how long it has been since I have updated. I guess I sucked up into my own little world and just lost interest for a while. I always check my friends page but I can't hardly bring myself to update these days.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm great. I'm getting sucked up into work. I love it though. I think the last time that I updated I was going to my conference. It was AMAZING! I had a great time and learned a great deal of things. I also got shitfaced on my birthday while we were up there. I got drunk for the first time EVER in my life with my boss and two other co-workers! lol We were all a little gone that night! I did do some drunk dialing to Caleb to let him know...thought he might be proud...since all my guys want to get me drunk to see how I'd act! Ha ha you missed it! ! Anyway, overall, besides the drunken night, it was an awesome learning experience. And we are hoping that all of us get to go again next year but its looking bleak b/c the VP over our department is a rip and doens't want us all going. :P Ffthp! to her!

I cannot believe that it is 15 days til Christmas! It's outrageous! I've got about 2/3 of my shopping done...I went to Springfield this weekend to see my cousin Jenn and do some shopping but I got absolutely nothing accomplished but it's okay. I think that the people that I have left to buy for I have found things online to get them.

I really wish I had some exciting news to share with everyone but nothing is going on with me AT ALL...sad...but same as usual....I am however psyched that James & Tyler won the Amazing Race tonight and that they are doing an All Star Edition...have they ever done one before? I think not...

FRICk! I have to go! I promise I"ll update again soon. Not waiting a month or two insetween!!

KISSES to everyone!!!!!
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My apologies to everyone for me being so neglegent...especially to Kristie!

Where have I been lately!! I'm getting really bad about coming here to actually update. The thing is I spend the ENTIRE day at my computer at work and most days I just don't feel like updating. It's been almost a month since my last post...lets see what has been going on with me...

Not a whole lot really. My sister got engaged a few weeks ago so I've been trying to get the ball rolling with that since I'm her maid of honor I really want to start the planning early so that there is less stress later on. They are planning on a November 2007 wedding so they've got a little over a year to plan.

I'm leaving for Grand Rapids, Michigan tomorrow morning. For that conference I was talking about a few posts ago. Its with work. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I think it will be fun though. And the big party night with the open bar is on my birthday so they told me we'll definitely be "celebrating". :) Haha...anyway, I've been running through my house like a mad person trying to get all my clothes thrown together this evening...I finally have everything packed except for what I'll use in the morning...

Earlier today Caleb and Michael and I went to Tuscola to check out their Candy Kitchen up there. It was a lot of fun. And I was CRAVING a real fountain coke. O...M....G it was sooo good. I love them. The food was not too bad. I was hoping it was going to taste a lot like what we had but it was still good. I bought a ton of candies for everyone at home, which are 500 times better than what we ever sold b/c you tell its homemade-homemade not homemade from a mix like we had...but I was so full I couldn't get any ice cream which bummed me out a little bit so we decided to go to the outlet mall and walk it off and come back later. I got a ton of deals at the mall, btw, anyway, then we went back and got some ice cream and it was AWESOME.

I actually told the women who own the place that we worked at the one here in town...kind of just wanted to let her know I thought everything was great and that they are doing such a better job than we were EVER doing and that's why she's still open. MMM mmm...We're gonna have to go back with Jeffrey and Kristie [who couldn't come b/c they had a wedding up by Chicago :'( ]!!!

My press release was finally sent out to all the papers announcing me at my new job....let me tell you it's really anoying when all the big papers in other towns publish your story but then your hometown, heck no paper in your COUNTY publishes it!! It wasn't in the Greenup Press or the Toledo Demacrat...at least I didn't see it! But I've still had a lot of people congratulate me and say they saw me in a different paper. But I'll tell you what was really cool...on the opposite page of the press release about me was an ad I had desined for the Mod 2 8-Week classes...even though no one knew I designed that its still so cool to me that I get to see that. I know I mentioned that before but I just love seeing something actually in print and not just on my computer screen. It's a great feeling...

Anywho, I think that I'm gonna go and make sure I've got everything I need for this trip!! Take care!!
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[ mood | cold ]


Holy Cow Batman (Earth Science Flashback)!!! Its freezing! What is going on! I know its the start of fall but it was practically 90 out on Friday and now its like 40 out!

Ok, my face it totally disgusting. Its so bad I didn't even want to go to work today and I don't want to go tomorrow. I've got this nasty scab on my nose and I super aware of it at all times...covering it with makeup doesn't help. The makeup just cakes on over it and makes it even MORE visable. I'm hoping that it heals a bunch tonight and falls off in the shower in the morning when I exfoliate my face...wow, I just reread that paragraph and if you finished it, you're a true friend. lol

Can I just say, I love my job. Its so much fun. I mean I'm totally stressing the entire time I'm there, alright maybe 45% of the time, but I still love what I get to do everyday. And I'm so excited about going to the conference this fall. Paula says since my bday is the Monday of the conference, which is the major social night, we are going to close the bar! lol Yeah right, it'll be fun. I really can't wait. The actual conference will be boring but I have so much fun at work with Paula and Lisa and my boss, Kelly, is great too. I can tell that out of the office she's a blast. But anyway, I just spent the last week and a half designing a bunch of stuff for the college and it all looks great (not to sound egotistical) and I'm so excited about my work being seen by people other than myself. It's a really cool feeling...I don't know how to explain it...I mean its nothing like teaching a kid something and seeing their eyes light up (I say that b/c the majority of you are/will be teachers or work with little ones ) but I think its the same concept. Does that make any sense?

I got the new Barenaked Ladies CD this week. Its good! I *heart* them...:D I'm waiting on Lee to get me their US Tour dates. I must see them again...BNL or bust. :)

Ok, I'd keep on rambling but I'm cold! lol

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I'm a slacker [09|15|06]
It's been entirely too long.

What's been going on...hmm.

Not much really. I've been working, working, working. I'm just not that interesting right now I guess. The only time I've really been getting out has been on Friday nights for the football games. But tomorrow I get to go to O'Fallon with Jeffie to watch him in a concert and we're meeting Cabe so we'll have a good time! I'm excited to see my friends.

As you all know I joined myspace...(Dani, you still haven't added me as a friend *cries*) its fun. I was "addicted" for the first, I would say week, checking it multiple times daily. But now here and there. I guess I just wanted to get the general feel of how it works and the "etiquette" that is involved. Wow, I'm a nerd.

I really wish I had some more interesting information to share...but  I don't....so to avoid wasting any more of your time, I'm gonna get back to work! :)
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More quote icons for the kids [09|09|06]
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Here they are! [08|28|06]

I know you don't update or change your user icons ever but I thought these would be fun!

Ahhh, inside jokes are fun.

Okay, a brief television post.

Emmys last night. Conan hosted and did an awesome job even though the awards part was a huge disappointment to me.. Nothing for Lost or Arrested Development. The Office did win for best comedy, but it was against AD and I really wanted AD to win but since it did not I'm estatic that The Office did. :) I'm stil pissed that My Name is Earl won for best writing, while it is a good show that I enjoy it is just not near as good as the other two...ANYWAY....

Hm hm hm...we'll I got invited to go to a Printing Conference in Chicago with my boss and the rest of the office at work today.  I'm really excited about it and want to go BUT the only problem its three days long...Oct 15-17, for those of you who know me well, the 16th is my birthday. I really don't wanna spend my birthday at a conference in Chicago and then the night in a hotel room all alone. I shouldn't say I'll be alone. I told Kelly (my boss) that it was my bday and she said we'd have to celebrate. I only told her b/c I thought that it might change my mind about going, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it. But I've decided to go mainly for the experience. She told me that she really wanted me to come so that her, Paula (the woman I replaced), Lisa (the other new girl), and I can all bond and get to know each other better.  And of course b/c it would be a learning experience as well.

My social  life is pretty slow right now. Although, I did go see Talledega Nights (did I spell that right?) with Michael on Sunday afternoon. It was good and I was glad I got to see Michael. I forgot to get cash so I made him pay for my movie and then I bought him dinner. lol It had to be at El Rancherito b/c I only had checks! *Still super excited that Son of a Pitch is going skiing with us!*

 I haven't seen Caleb in a couple of weeks now, I miss him. I only see Jeffrey at church it seems, I miss him. My Kristie moved back to Worth *cries*, I can't remember the last I saw her...you're coming down soon, right? And Shawna and Nicole are mia :( Where are my chicas?

Ok, I need to stop and go to bed b/c if I keep going on about that last paragraph I WILL start to cry.
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